Welcome to our gymnastics program! We are so glad you stopped by to check us out.

Welcome to our gymnastics program! We offer gymnastics classes for beginners and other ability levels that are guaranteed to build the right foundation for your child to flourish as a gymnast.

Gymnastics Classes for BeginnersAll Gymnastics Classes Are:

  • 45-75 minutes
  • Capped at 5-8 students
  • Taught by 1 Head Adult Instructor and often, 1 Junior Instructor
  • Divided by both age and ability levels
  • Designed following a USAG progression model

How to Get The Most Out Of Our Gymnastics Classes for Beginners and Other Skill Levels

When we take in a new member for our gymnastics classes, we remind them of the three things we find to make our gymnasts the most successful, and two of them we provide for you! With a membership to our gym, your child will benefit from a relationship with their coach and an environment of peer support and camaraderie. The third component is consistency; as long as a student is consistent with class attendance, they will see progress!

Your child will learn how to get motivated by their relationship with their coach.

When your child works with one of our coaches, they will learn everything they need to become independent and self-motivated. Practice makes perfect, but if your child isn’t taught how to spark motivation for themselves, they just won’t be as successful.

Our classes are small enough that our coaches are able to pay close attention to how your child gets motivated and what works best to push them and their skills. Our coaches are knowledgeable and experienced enough to individualize program material from our gymnastics classes for beginners all the way to our advanced level courses. With us, you don’t have to worry if your child is going to suffer from lack of attention. Our mission is to provide all our gymnasts with a quality experience and get your money’s worth!

There is no obstacle your child can’t tackle with our coaches. We won’t give you unrealistic expectations, but we believe that with preparation your child can achieve just about anything. Each of our coaches is excited to hear what your child’s unique goals are! That way, their gymnast journey is special to them. Our coaches are here to listen and get your child to meet the achievements they aim for. 

Your child will have a supportive social environment among peers!

Many sports like gymnastics have a reputation for being highly competitive, even within teams. Don’t get us wrong, we love a little healthy competition, but we assure you that your child will enjoy a supportive and welcoming community among their team. Even in our gymnastics classes for beginners, we foster a culture of support and mutual respect where close friendships can begin. Making sure your child feels comfortable among peers is a crucial part of their gymnastics development.

We ask you to commit to consistency.  

One of the tougher components of getting results is consistency. We kindly ask of you and your child to either commit to making classes consistently or adjust your expectations. We’ll take care of making classes fun and engaging; our athletes just have to show up for class and participate, and that alone will be helpful in developing star-level gymnasts.

You’ll notice that the athletes get stronger faster with the more time they spend in the gym. That’s because the more gymnasts spend time practicing among others at their skill level, the more they will develop stronger muscles, flexibility, endurance, and muscle memory. With more time away from the gym, your child can begin to lose these essentials for their athletic career, and they will end up playing catchup more than they will learn new skills.

We understand that life happens, we just ask that when you begin classes to prepare for a commitment to them. We want your child to see tangible progress that they can be proud of!

Class Details 

To get a good feel for our gym, we recommend stopping by for a tour and a chat with some of our coaches, but there are some details we can give you now.

Our yearly gymnastics curriculum is designed to be safe and progressive as we work through successive skills, set forth by USA Gymnastics (USAG). This means that we are devoted to quality. Not only are our classes designed to build upon an athlete’s previously learned skills, but our classes follow strict safety USAG guidelines.

To top it off, we promise to engage our students with material that is fun, fresh, and creative whether they’re starting off in one of our gymnastics classes for beginners or they’re learning an advanced, complicated routine. Additionally, your child will have plenty of chances to set goals to learn skills they can showcase. We offer periodic exhibition opportunities and gym events they can look forward to participating in throughout the year. 

Class Age Divisions

We divide our gymnastics program into Preschool (ages 3-5 yrs), School Age Gymnastics (ages 6yrs+), and Tumbling classes (all ages). Along with our gymnastics classes for beginners, we also offer Toddler Open Gym passes for children under the age of 5 years. Additionally, we offer students the chance to compete as part of our recreational team.

The Preschool program, Warrior, Gymnastics, and Tumbling classes run on a month-to-month agreement with tuition billed on the first of every month. 

Thank You For Stopping By!  

Thank you for checking out our gymnastics classes! We hope we didn’t miss anything, but if we did, we encourage you to stop by the gym. No need to be a stranger! If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message, call, or visit. We know this can be a big decision, and we want you to feel comfortable.

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