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Beginning Gymnastics at a young age is vital for building the strong foundation a gymnast needs for continued success. By starting at preschool age, a gymnast is being introduced to the equipment and practice that will be important later. Building strength takes time, so the sooner a gymnast starts, the better off they will be later in their athletic career. Not only is enrolling in a preschool gym putting your child at an advantage, but it’s also fun!

Why Is It Important to Start Gymnastics At a Young Age? 

You’re probably thinking, “What preschool gymnastics are near me?” and “Why should I send my child here?” But first, let’s talk about why you should start your child out in gymnastics at preschool age.

If you’re interested in starting your child in gymnastics so they can go on to become a gymnast, it’s essential to start them out as soon as possible so they can learn a better physical awareness and get a headstart. Even if you’re not sure your child will be interested in gymnastics long-term, starting your child in gymnastics at preschool age and developing a better physical awareness can help them later in life.

For instance, this is their introduction to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a habit, and the younger you encourage that habit for your child, the easier it will be for them to continue living a healthy lifestyle. We specifically teach how to make fitness and movement fun for kids, and having fun during exercise is a great way to build a good association with physical activity.

Another possibility is that they could move on to another sport! The strength, flexibility, endurance, and focus that children can learn from gymnastics will surely be helpful if they are to take on a different sport when they get older. That way, your child will have the ability to choose from a variety of sports and activities, and they will have an advantage from starting gymnastics!

Along with all these benefits, children learn a plethora of social skills from the structure of gymnastics such as compassion, respect, work ethic, discipline, and problem-solving skills.

What Sets Us Apart?

Chances are you most likely found us by searching “preschool gym near me,” and we understand your method. We know the parents of a preschooler need things to be as easy, accessible, and straightforward as they possibly can be. We know you’re busy.

So what makes us better than any other preschool gym near me? At our gym, we don’t just teach gymnastics; we teach our students how to be strong, independent individuals. We use gymnastics as a vessel to teach problem-solving, emotional maturity, and mutual respect. By enrolling your preschooler in our gym, you’re providing your child with a strong foundation for their life and athletics. We believe that life skills and athletic skills develop from a young age, so why not start teaching them as soon as possible?

Class Details

PGC offers both an entry-level and advanced class for preschool athletes (ages 3-5). Our preschool program is based on gross motor skills; however, these classes are taught with technique and progression in mind. We lead classes in groups of six athletes or less, and they are structured with close attention. It is not “open gym” style. The children will perform drills and skills aimed at developing gymnastics skills, coordination, social skills (taking turns, listening, working independently), and flexibility. All four gymnastics events are utilized.

Our Coaches

Our Preschool Gym coaches are well trained in educating young children about athletics as well as engaging them to keep them from boredom or learning bad habits. We pride ourselves in knowing that our staff is made up of highly skilled and trained sports educators who are just all-around great people to work with. We consider ourselves one big family.

By being a family, we don’t just mean we like each other. We genuinely help each other, and that means everyone who enrolls in our gym. If we see one of our students struggling in any way, we use open and healthy communication and problem-solving to help that student out. Whether your child is having difficulty learning a drill, they’re having an issue between themselves and another student, or they just aren’t feeling well enough to socialize, we’ve seen it all, and we want to help your child have fun participating in gymnastics. Additionally, with our small class sizes, our coaches can give your child the attention they need to succeed! No matter your child’s learning style, our coaches are flexible. Our staff can modify any lesson plan to individualize it for your child, another thing that sets us apart from any other preschool gym near me.

You Can Trust Us

We know that a considerable part of picking a preschool gym near me is to find someone you can trust, and that goes for anyone you let take care of your child. Our coaches and staff make a promise to all our students that they can trust us to keep them safe and help them to learn in a positive and engaging environment. We don’t take your decision to enroll with us lightly.

We also encourage you to call us or stop on by so you can get to know us! Let us know your concerns or questions. We are here to help.

Thank You For Stopping By!

Thank you for checking out our preschool gym! We’re so happy that your search for preschool gymnastics near me brought you here. We’re excited to take on your child as a student, and we cannot wait to hear what your goals are. We hope we didn’t miss anything, but if we did, we encourage you to stop by the gym. No need to be a stranger! If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message, call, or visit. We know this can be a big decision, and we want you to feel comfortable.

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