Desarae Henderson

It a safe environment that I feel comfortable leaving my precious daughter in with wonderful equipment and people.


    PGC isn’t just a gymnastics gym it’s a community. ❤️❤️

      Tracie G.

      I enjoy the space. I trust the space, and the coaches. My kid needs a physical outlet where he's supported and padded.

        Tiffany Ardisson

        Price and value. It also feels like family.


          It's a fun, safe, welcoming place to be.

            Renata Holyfield

            They teach gymnastics with encouraging guidance and patience. You can tell all the teachers care about the students.

              Jill Tillman

              It's a positive place for my daughter and it's helping her gain the self-confidence she needs to reach her goals.


                I like all of the extra stuff like Halloween and parents night out!

                  Ally Rossetti

                  The quality of the training that is provided is great! The use of different stations during class keeps the kids busy the whole time while working on different very important components of the skills they are learning! Basically, I love that my kid doesn't stand around in line most of the class waiting for a 1 on 1 turn with the teacher. They all get 1 on 1 time, but are busy in rotation with other fun activities. We just LOVE it at PGC!!!

                    Mya Wade

                    The kind staff and fun atmosphere for the kids. It's a positive, stress-free environment in which positivity and genuine care flow freely. The coaches correct the girls with great care and sensitivity.