Tumbling Classes for BeginnersFind the Tumbling Class That Meets Your Needs! 

We offer classes for a variety of students. Whether you’re a dancer, a cheerleader, or just want to concentrate on the floor only, we have a class that will benefit you! 

What is Floor Only?

By floor only, we mean no beams, bars, or vault, which makes our tumbling classes for beginners and other ability levels perfect for dancers and cheerleaders who would not be using such equipment. 

What Is Tumbling? 

Tumbling is gymnastics that happens on the floor and includes performing moves such as somersaults, handstands, handsprings, flips, tucks, etc. Tumbling is important because the strength and balance needed to tumble can push your skills as a dancer, cheerleader, or gymnast. You can even use tumbling as a precursor to gymnastics with a bar, beam, or vault. 

Though we consider all gymnastics an art, tumbling usually entails more creative iterations of gymnastics because you’re working with just you and the floor! Many tumbling routines are synchronized to music with some dance elements involved. 

Sound intimidating? Don’t worry, with our highly trained staff, you will learn how to make your floor only tumbling unique and beautiful (eventually that is). First, we have to work on starting you off with all the building blocks in our tumbling classes for beginners, and in no time you’ll be performing star-level routines! If your child is interested, we offer toddler tumbling classes and tumbling classes for kids as well. 

Tumbling Classes for Beginners

In all our tumbling classes, we incorporate trampoline and Tumble Trak into the learning process. We also follow the USAG recommended progression of forwards and backward tumbling. This means that we use the USAG guidelines to train our gymnasts to become strong in both directions and to build skills like towers, one brick at a time. Our athletes are not thrust into advanced moves; instead, they learn moves that will help them progressively learn more and more advanced skills. We only employ safe methods that help our athletes build strength and muscle memory. For all our beginners, we take special care to make sure you’re not just learning, but you’re also having fun and engaged in the process. What skills are you looking to master? We want to hear about it.

When Should You Start Tumbling?

The short answer is: as soon as possible! We recommend starting in one of our tumbling classes for kids at about age four or five, so our young gymnasts have time to develop the strength and skills they need if they want to start competing. This is why our tumbling classes for beginners includes classes for preschool age and up! We offer tumbling classes for kids and even toddler tumbling classes. Your child is never too young to start learning how to move and build their foundation for tumbling. 

We do accept students older than four or five, so if you’re a prospective student, we recommend you begin right away! If you or your child are committed to learning tumbling moves, the time to start is now. It takes time to build up the strength to do all the flips, tucks, and handstands you need in your repertoire to be a good tumbler. With our class structure and our dedicated coaches, we are confident you will get all the attention you need to get those sticky skills. 

What Sets Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club Apart? 

We understand that choosing a gymnastics gym is a big decision, one that takes a lot of time and deliberation. You’ve probably been to a lot of gyms, so you’re probably wondering, Why Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club? First, we appreciate you considering our gym; we want to assure you that what sets us apart is that we are skilled, experienced, and we are a family. Tumbling isn’t easy, and when you get frustrated or stuck, you need someone who won’t give up on you. As a family, we refuse to give up on our athletes. Not only is our staff full of accomplished professionals, but they are also well trained in teaching everything gymnastics and tumbling. 

We also build relationships of mutual respect and peer support. The dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics worlds all have reputations for being cut-throat in their competition. Here at PGC, we like competition, but we consider ourselves a team. We don’t just teach tumbling; we teach our gymnasts how to be cheerleaders for each other in a meaningful way. 

Class Details

Though we don’t offer private lessons currently, at Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club, we guarantee every student will get the attention they need. Our classes are all small, and because they are small, they are productive. A small class means more time for a coach to help you. If you’re struggling with a move, our coaches can take more time to target what you’re having trouble with and give you a strategy to work through your obstacles. And of course, our coaches just want you to succeed, so you will only be met with encouragement, support, and care. Our coaches will help you achieve success and learn problem-solving skills that will build confidence and independence. When you aren’t in classes, you can also take advantage of our weekly open gym for extra practice, a perk that comes with all our memberships! 

We do have several different classes for tumbling, so the quickest way to determine whether you should be placed in one of our tumbling classes for beginners or one of our more advanced courses is to contact us before you register. 

Thank You For Stopping By! 

Thank you for checking out our tumbling classes! We’re excited to take you or your child on as a student, and we cannot wait to hear what your goals are. We hope we didn’t miss anything, but if we did, we encourage you to stop by the gym. No need to be a stranger! If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message, call, or visit. We know this can be a big decision, and we want you to feel comfortable. 

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